Front of a Teleporting Man - Sopio Deck 2

Front of a Teleporting Man

From: Sopio Deck 2

or play with Back of a Teleporting Man for a joint +500
Rule clarification:
To get +500 points, you must play both cards together in one turn.

When played with Front of a Teleporting Man, both cards are treated as positive with a combined value of +500 by any cards that care about this.

Insect Jeff does not discard a successful Teleporting Man as it treats it as a positive card.

Sticktapus counts both cards as positive and awards +100 for the pair.

In the Sopio app, when both halves are played together, they are replaced by a different card: Teleporting Man. This card is treated as a single +500 point card and remains one card if it is discarded or returned to a player's hand.